Intravenous Therapy Specialist

Intravenous Therapy

Our clinic provides a variety of IV therapeutic modalities. IV therapy provides a fast and more direct way to address chronic conditions. By infusing different products and nutrients into the blood larger quantities of nutrients reach the tissues faster. If taken orally, these large amounts of nutrients will be filtered by the intestines and the liver limiting what needs to be delivered.

We offer:

1. Immune defense (large amount of vitamin C and vitamins) to increase immunity

2. Hydrate wellness IV

3. “Don’t worry, be happy” (for anxiety and depression)

4. The detox blast (eliminates toxins)

5. The energizer (NAD+), Increases energy production and decreases addictions

6. Ozone/UBI therapy (treats chronic infections, inflammation and immune modulation)

7. Ozone/UBI 10 passes (an amazing treatment for many conditions)

8. Slender all (for weight loss)

9. The B12 miracle (energy production)

10. Mind balance (brain booster, improves cognition)

11. Photodynamic therapy (treats infections, immune modulator and anti-inflammatory)

12. Myer’s cocktail (fast boost of energy)

13. The viral zapper (viral infections)

14. The antiaging miracle (stay younger)

15. Chelation therapy (removes heavy metals)

16. Poly-MVA (energy production)


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