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More than 10% of men over the age of 18 report feeling tired, irritable, and heavier as they age. If your health is declining or you’re just looking for ways to improve your lifestyle and well-being, call or make an appointment online today with Dr. German Zermeno at the American Institute of Natural Medicine in Tustin, California.

In recent years, millions of men are suffering from weight gain, fatigue, and inability to concentrate and make decisions; they are irritable, angry and have low tolerance to stress. They complain of having difficulty exercising and taking longer to recover.

Their decision making process is affected, causing them to procrastinate. When they are over the age of 45-50, they blame these symptoms to “getting old”. When they are young they are diagnosed as being depressed and they are treated with antidepressant medications which don’t change anything and cause more problems due to the side effect from these drugs.

When testosterone gets lower, sex drive gets low affecting sexual performance, driving them to the use of Viagra, Cialis, etc., believing this is due to old age! Intimacy gets affected, bringing conflict to their relationship. They develop insomnia and anxiety which unfortunately is treated with medications by their conventional doctor who is not familiar with low testosterone.

Young men are affected by poor performance in sports and school, low self-steam; lack of motivation and drive, becoming apathetic! Sex drive gets low, so they don’t seek relationships; instead, they hide in their bedroom in front of the computer playing video games, avoiding reality!

Low testosterone will bring other complications. They are more at risk to develop heart attack, stroke, memory loss, and cancer. Their lives will be affected by the lack of motivation and drive to be successful.

Fortunately there is a wonderful treatment. Testosterone is best replaced in older patients with bioidentical hormone pellets. These are compressed testosterone in a form of small, elongated tablets which are inserted under the skin. They get slowly released in to the blood stream, skipping the liver, preventing unwanted consequences. The delivery is slow and steady over a period of 3 -5 months. Studies have shown that injectable testosterone causes more complications due to the rollercoaster effect caused by the high-low levels of the weekly injections. Creams are not well absorbed and the levels are not optimal to provide protection.

When testosterone is appropriately replaced, vitally, memory, sleep, sex drive and decision making process return to normal. Irritability and anger disappear. They are able to exercise and lose weight. Sex drive returns to normal, bringing stability to the relationship!

“We don’t need drugs; we need to bring testosterone levels back to normal”

If you’re experiencing a decline in your health and you suspect a testosterone deficiency, call or book an appointment online at the American Institute of Natural Medicine today.


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