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Microneedle is a wonderful cosmetic treatment to correct fine wrinkles, spots and scars on the face and neck. It is a form of rejuvenation for the skin. The procedure is done under topical/local anesthesia and it is done with a special pen containing very fine needles that will puncture the skin creating micro-trauma causing the skin to react by producing healing factors.  We also use PRP (platelets rich plasma- from the patient’s own blood) prepared with ozone and applied on the face. The platelets will stimulate healing, correcting some of the fine imperfections, stimulating new skin. In most cases the down time is only one day. We recommend 1 procedure a month for 3 months. We include a special package of formulated facial creams to assist with skin rejuvenation. This treatment is especially effective to treat acne resistant to conventional therapy and acne scars.


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