PRP Therapy Specialist

No more pain with PRP/Ozone Therapy

In our clinic we take care of chronic pain.

We use PRP/ozone therapy with wonderful results!

PRP or platelets rich plasma is a method were we use a small amount of your own blood, centrifuge it and combine it with ozone therapy and other nutrients. The preparation is injected in to the affected area. The procedure is painless and very well tolerated.  PRP and ozone work at the tissue level where the pain originates and stimulate healing of the damaged area thus relieving the pain.

It is very effective for any kind of muscle-skeletal pain: knee pain due to arthritis, partial tear of meniscus, chronic sprain due to previous injury. We also have seen wonderful results in patients with neck pain, upper and lower back pain, shoulder pain, ankle and heel pain. This is superior to the use of cortisone or other medications


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